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It seemed far too early when I heard the gentle click and squeak of my door opening. I crushed my eyelids together denying light any access to my retinas as I felt a big hand gently grab my shoulder and shake me.

Me: Go away
The words hardly came out, my vocal cords could only respond dully from disuse.
Beckett: That’s hardly a way to greet your friend.
His voice was low and scratchy. He seemed to share my feelings about the coming day. I rolled away from him and buried myself in the thick comforter.  I heard him sigh as he positioned himself next to me on the bed. I could feel his feet stretch out far beyond mine. I remembered meeting him suddenly. He seemed to be nothing more than a shadow at the time. I remembered the way he looked at me, nearly corpse like. I never would have thought we would become so close. He disrupted my thoughts suddenly, digging his fingers past the blankets and into my sides. I flailed helplessly as he drew me closer. I erupted in laughter, the involuntary kind, and thrashed against my silent captor. He was much stronger then he let on. He let go of me suddenly and I rolled out of the bed as quickly as I could to avoid more tickling. I gasped for breath and held the edge of my shirt down, concealing myself as best as I could. With a sly smile he lifted himself noiselessly out of my bed and into the hall, his battle won.

When he shut the door I powered though dressing, tossing on a purple tank top and some old black jeans, and striped socks. I looked at myself in the mirror that hung above my dresser. I didn’t look as bad as usual. My Dark hair in tangles around my shoulders but not a total mess. I had dark circles under my green eyes. I rubbed at them and made my way through the hall and into the bathroom. I brushed my hair quickly, the tangled locks forming back into the typical waves. I took a last look at myself, my pale skin reflected the florescent light grossly in the bathroom. I shook my head and joined Beckett in the dining room. He had clearly done some work plundering my fridge as he was sitting idlyey eating some leftover pasta and having some of my favourite juice. I frowned deeply.
Me: Whoa buddy, that’s MY juice.
I leaned forward quickly and took the glass away from in front of him. He looked up at me from under his eyelashes.
Beckett: That’s hardly a way to treat your guest.
His voice was smooth and coy. He looked back down at his pasta and continued eating. I shrugged and  took a long drink from the half empty glass of citrus juice and sat down across from him.
Me: So whats the plan for today then?
I twiddled my thumbs idly waiting for him answer. He looked deeply into the plastic Tupperware container as he spoke
Beckett: Well the idea was that you needed help with your math assignments, right?
I nodded quickly. Noise was building up in the back of my head. I wasn’t one to usually ask for help, so this was a bigger deal for me than I think Beckett realized. I was startled by the sound of his chair squealing against the cheap tiles as he passed into the kitchen and deposited the container into the sink.
Beckett: Well then, we'll go to the store, pick up some junk, come back here, I'll help you with the work, and you'll repay me with cookies and sexual favours. OK?
I slitted my eyes at him in exaggerated disdain.
Me: At this time I can only offer cookies. The sexual favours deal ended as soon as you came into this equation.
He jutted him lower lip out and whimpered playfully, only till I flung my arm into his shoulder. He recoiled and rubbed his shoulder, in an exaggerated display of pain.
Beckett: You really aren’t good with guests are you?
Me: Your not a guest, if anything you broke the law by inviting yourself in.
He stuck his tongue out at me.
Beckett: If its not locked its begging to be entered.
Me: You've been playing too much Thief again haven’t you.
He nodded enthusiasticly.
Me: that reminds me, you need to give me the discs back for it, I want them to stay in one piece.
He pouted again before crossing his arms and showing himself to the door. I followed close behind, grabbing my keys off the coffee table as we passed through the living room. Beckett plopped himself down beside my door and was cramming his feet into some boots. An old pair of doc martins, he had had them for years apparently. I couldn’t imagine anything lasting that long in his possession. I shoved my own feet into some mud crusted sneakers, recalling amusedly how they came to be in such abysmal condition. weekends of trudging through mud, chasing after frogs with Beckett. Last summer... I shook my head to erase the thoughts. It was a simpler time, before my second run in the Asylum. I shuddered at the thought of that place. The first time around I had Beckett but the second time... It was like hell. A living breathing hell....

The icy concrete floor seemed nearly welcoming in the dim light. I figured it must be evening now, hearing the rustling of feet outside my door. The dinner rush. I pushed myself to a sitting position, everything seemed greyer than usual. It was like someone had sucked the colour out of the place. I remember a nurse saying something about the paint, dull colours for dulling the patients. My stomach felt empty but not in a manner that made me want to eat. This would be the second day without food. I wanted to escape, to return to my home, to return to My Brother and sister, and Beckett. Beckett... I sighed. I wished that he were here like before, slipping little notes under my door, making me feel hope in a place in the shadow of the rest of the world. We would spend so much time together, and after we were released into our homes, all the adventuring that took place that summer. I almost smiled until I realized this wasn’t the past. I stared ahead of me, the drugs were working better now, they had adjusted my dosages of antipshycotics since my outburst. I heard a rustle at the door and saw a tiny slip of paper pass under the frame. I crawled over to it on my hands and knees and carefully unfolded the little piece of lined paper. I heard a nurse outside my door say something. 'Come along sir' I think. I looked down at the note and the corners of my mouth curled into the biggest smile in the world, my heart went crazy. 'Miss me?' is all the note said, scrawled in messy hand writing and red ink. I knew exactly what it meant. A visitor.

Beckett had begun tieing little knots in my hair while i was lost in thought. I blinked several times and turned my head slightly to face him.
Me: Sorry
Beckett: Did Alice just come back from wonderland?
I Nodded a little then stood, Beckett mirrored my action.
Beckett: Ready to go then?
Me: Of course!
I scoffed a little at his question jokingly and pushed open the door letting the harsh light hit my face...